Ever try removing a boring builder-grade plate-glass mirror? “Often, these mirrors are glued to the wall and are a horrible, dangerous mess to take down,” says Tim Bitterman, senior product/ brand manager for Inspirations by Moen. Now remodelers can offer a stylish solution that eliminates the mess and the drabness with easy-to-install mirror frames.

Photo: MirrorMate

With Moen's Mirrorscapes frames, “It's easy for customers to see the value,” Bitterman says. “Remodelers use the line to generate add-on sales and differentiate themselves.”

Lisa Huntting, creator of the MirrorMate, agrees. “We began selling MirrorMate in 2004 and we've sold about 4.5 million frames so far,” she says.

For assembly, Mirrorscapes frames come with mounting brackets onto which the installer snaps straight side lengths and square corner pieces that hide the cut edges and eliminate the need for miters.

MirrorMate, however, custom cuts each frame based on measurements it receives from the installer. For a custom look, the company uses framing saws to create mitered lengths that the installer joins on-site. After pre-positioning and placing temporary corner guides, the frame is set in place with high-strength adhesive strips.

Manufacturers say mirror frames install in an average of 15 minutes. That, and price points starting at just $100 make mirror frames an easy, attractive upgrade.