By REMODELING Magazine Staff. Tremco Barrier Solutions. NOTE: Formerly Koch Waterproofing Solutions. A two-part waterproofing system prevents leakage, condensation, and seepage. The TUFF-N-DRI spray-applied polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane bridges foundation cracks and remains flexible through temperature changes while the WARM-N-DRI foundation board makes interior moisture barriers unnecessary, says the manufacturer, and channels moisture to exterior drainage systems. The applied membrane has a dry thickness of at least 40 mm. (800) 876-5624.

Xypex Chemical Corp. HD-150 penetrates into the structure of concrete walls and floors, creating a non-soluble crystalline formation that seals the concrete. The crystalline formation becomes a permanent part of the structure. HD-150 can be applied to wet basements because the mixture does not depend on adhesion to concrete surfaces but is absorbed into pores and capillaries, plugging them and preventing water seepage, according to the manufacturer. It can also be used to treat cement stucco, concrete block, and brick mortar. (604) 273-5265.

Cosella Dôrken. The DELTA-MS Foundation Wrap is a heavy-duty waterproofing membrane that functions even if it is torn, says the manufacturer. Its 5/16-inch dimples let concrete walls breathe and dry. The wrap may also be used under concrete slab to prevent moisture from seeping upward. Wrapped around foundations, the membrane overlaps and seals at joints. The built-in airspace protects foundations from cracking and shifting due to cold weather. (888) 4DELTA4.

Colbond. Enkadri & Drain BTM is a one-step, three-in-one drainage and waterproofing system. An Enkadrain nylon core and a 60-mm reinforced bitumen membrane protect against moisture, and a geocomposite drain prevents build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

Courtesy Colbond The products can be used on vertical walls with any soil fill up to 20 feet, says the manufacturer. (828) 665-5057. Wayne Water Systems. A sump pump that provides both a primary and a backup system, the SmartPump converts a home's electrical power to its reserve battery power so that it operates even when the electricity goes out. Its system controller runs a daily self-diagnostic test to detect problems and alert homeowners, and it also clears itself of debris that may enter the pump. The LCD display unit reports system status daily. (888) 299-2963.

Basement Systems. CactusBoard, an L-shaped floor edging, is installed on foundation footings before concrete floors are poured. Forming a space across the footing and between the edge of a basement's floor and its wall,

Courtesy Basement Systems the molding's dimpled design channels water from the wall and the perimeter to the stone aggregate under-flooring to be drained by a sump pump or footing drains. (800) 541-0487.