A colorful, above-counter vessel sink can be the finishing touch in a distinctive bath. Once just for the stylistically adventurous, vessel sinks are becoming more prominent in collections from manufacturers large and small. The most striking are those made of glass with unique colors and textures or fused materials. Designs and shapes are more diverse and creative than ever.

Bear Creek Glass

American Standard's Porcher line features the gorgeous Metallizato, which showcases real copper fused between layers of iridescent glass. The mixed materials create delicate color changes along the textured interior. The Vessels Spun Glass sink from Kohler takes a more subtle approach, matching textured glass with pale, ocean-inspired colors.

Smaller companies are taking glass basins to a new level of artistry. Bear Creek Glass, in Birmingham, Ala., is a studio where professional artists create glass vessels by hand. The sinks come in four shapes, but each sink is one of a kind, with size and color variations unique to each artist's technique. The Splash shape (shown), which is designed to mimic the fluidity of water, can range from 15 to 19 inches in diameter and from 4 to 6 inches deep. Each sink has different curves and bends along the rim. A number of color options are available, from the cool green-blue of Emerald Isle to the fanciful purples and oranges of Inferno (shown). Bear Creek Glass sinks are guaranteed to resist wear and breakage for life.