Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A remodeler doing work on a home with steam radiators is wondering whether he should stick with the current steam system or convert to a hydronic system. Here's one New York City--based plumber's advice on which is better--it all depends on the type of remodeling project it is. Read more

Should Your Clients Insulate Their Cold Water Pipes?

Insulating cold water pipes may seem like nonsense, but there are a few really good points as to why it should be done. The most important reason is to prevent pipes from freezing, especially if you live in a cold climate. Here are a few other reasons as to why your clients should consider insulating all their cold water pipes. Read more

Soak It Up in a Luxury Bathtub

Bathtubs are the centerpiece of any luxury bathroom. Here are five of the latest tubs that can make any spa bathroom all the more glamorous and luxurious. Read more

Do You Know How Much Water Americans Use?

Do you know what common household fixture sucks up the most water? It should come as little surprise that most Americans don't know the answer. Take this quiz and see for yourself just how much water we use and how we use it. Read more

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Deciding on a Water Heater

Choosing a water heater is not a decision that should be taken lightly, especially when energy-efficient construction is involved. Here's how one energy efficiency expert chose a water heater for his own home. Read more

Cool Style from California Faucets Cool Style from California Faucets

The sleek and stylish design of Rincon Bay brings an Art Deco feel to your bathroom design. Read more

Product Editor's Choice: Best of OctoberProduct Editor's Choice: Best of October

Didn't have time to track down all the products we wrote about this month? From... Read more

Breithaupt: For Remodelers, Planning and Pictures Go Hand-in-Hand

When it comes to remodeling, planning and design are just as important as building and product selection. Ensure that clients understand your vision by providing a detailed drawing´┐Żone with cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and room sizes drawn to scale´┐Żof the final product. Read more

American Standard's Tropic Faucet: Single Handle, Multiple FunctionsAmerican Standard's Tropic Faucet: Single Handle, Multiple...

A bathroom faucet with a pull out? American Standard's Tropic handles more than... Read more

4 Linear Drain Installation Tips to Remember 4 Linear Drain Installation Tips to Remember

From slope requirements to flow rate considerations, these tips will help your next curbless shower installation go flawlessly. Read more

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