The extent of many remodelers'Spanish is “Habla inglés?” But, you'll need more than that to converse with Spanish-speaking workers. The Lingo Guide for Builders ($14.95; or 615.726.0727) is a pocket-sized English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English guide that translates hundreds of common construction words, phrases, and sentences.

It's organized by sections on demolition, painting, floors, electrical, framing, HVAC, and much more. A safety section covers leading OSHA issues.

Other communication tools are Spanish In-A-Pinch and English In-A-Pinch laminated translation cards, which include categories on concrete finishing, electrical, and plumbing. Available at or 877.265.8575 for $4.95.

Foreign-born Hispanics accounted for 40% of U.S. construction job growth in 2004, reports the Pew Hispanic Center.