How Duct Leakage Steals Twice

Leaky air ducts in unconditioned places don't just steal from homeowners once, but twice. How? Leakage from supply ducts that run through unconditioned space results in a loss of conditioned air and also creates an imbalance in the house pressure. Read more

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20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA 20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA

Using combinations of local materials and local labor, many products you use are made right here in the States. Read more

Looking for the Best Minisplit Option

Ductless minisplits provide "virtuoso" heating and cooling performance, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily pretty to look at or easy to maintain. Energy efficiency experts discuss options other than the traditionally high-on-the-wall minisplits. Read more

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HVAC: Can Anyone Get It Right?

Recent experiences with contractors and tradespeople have left green building expert Carl Seville frustrated. Too often he sees poor craftsmanship and little attention to detail. Here's what he suggests you focus on to get it right and avoid the mistakes inexperienced installers make. Read more

4 Ways Bad Duct Systems Can Lead to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Higher energy bills and lower comfort levels may not be the worst of your problems with faulty ducts. Poor duct systems can have a drastic effect on indoor air quality (IAQ). Here's what you should be aware of when constructing such systems and how to take simple steps to prevent poor IAQ. Read more

A Tale of Two Hazards

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is not something builders and remodelers should take lightly. Unfortunately, with no clear policies for the two biggest IAQ hazards—carbon monoxide and radon—they have little to go by. Read more

Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A remodeler doing work on a home with steam radiators is wondering whether he should stick with the current steam system or convert to a hydronic system. Here's one New York City--based plumber's advice on which is better--it all depends on the type of remodeling project it is. Read more

These Aren't Your Grandpappy's Heat Pumps

If you soured on heat pumps because of the early models, you ought to check out what they can do today. They aren’t just for hot climates anymore. In fact, pumps are becoming more and more popular in colder climates. Here's why the experts say that's happening. Read more

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EPA's Wood Smoke Plan Draws Fire

Are the wood stoves allowed under the EPA's proposed wood-burning appliance rules too costly? Depends on how you calculate the cost. Read more

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4 Ways a Bad Duct System Can Lead to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a big deal—improperly installed ducts are frequently the culprits for poor air quality. These four examples show just how badly a poorly installed duct system can affect a home. Read more

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