Schneider Electric, Kohler.
The Intelligent Load Center combines an electrical load distribution enclosure and automatic transfer switch, eliminating the need for a second distribution panel and additional wiring for a standby generator, the company says, and thereby lowering installation time and costs. Combining the Square D QO load center and smart breaker system with Kohler's transfer switch logic, the unit features automatic switching between main and alternate power source, service-entrance-rated transfer switch, and in-home remote monitoring and generator control capability. 859.245.7990.

Home Automation.
For use with the company's Omni Home Control line of products, the OmniTouch with Video touch-screen interface allows the user to see digital video from up to six cameras. The unit offers the home-control functions of the original OmniTouch, including responsive icons for control of lights and small appliances, monitoring and adjustments of security and temperature, audio systems, and more. 504.599.8610.

The 5x8 Multi-Switch Module combines signals from multiple satellite dishes and distributes digital programming to as many as eight independent satellite television receivers, the maker says. The module, which works with HDTV or standard receivers and is compatible with DirecTV systems, features a built-in low-noise amplifier and a 24-VDC power supply. Its mounting brackets fit into the company's 14-, 28-, or 42-inch Structured Media Centers. 718.229.4040.

The CS-V720 personal audio/video system combines a two-channel receiver, universal DVD-A/SACD disc player, 5.1-channel processing, a pair of two-way loudspeakers, progressive scan video output, and pre-outs for expansion in a small package suitable for placement on a desk or dresser. The system includes an XM-Ready receiver for XM Satellite Radio and is compatible with the company's DS-A1 Remote Interactive iPod dock/charger. 800.229.1687.

An addition to the Category 5 Intercom System, the Outdoor Patio Intercom offers the same functionality as interior intercoms, but in a weather-resistant format for outdoor use. The unit communicates with all of the inside intercoms and interfaces with subsystems such as audio, the company says. Other features include LED lights that show all room activity and a separate microphone and high-quality speaker that provide a crisp sound. It has a decorator-style wall plate that comes in a choice of four finishes. 800.321.2343.

Eaton Corp.
Based on the A-BUS protocol, the A-BUS multi-room audio system is simple for homeowners to operate, the maker says, and, because there is no programming required and the system operates on one Category 5 wire, it is also easy to install. The system, which plugs into existing Eaton structured wiring architecture, can handle up to four A-BUS-ready inputs and two four-zone outputs for multiple audio options. 800.386.1911.

CentraLite Systems.
The StarLite Home Lighting Control System offers wireless lighting control capable of handling up to 96 devices, 288 buttons, and 100 scenes. The system includes one-button vacation/alert and all on/all off modes; 512 dimming levels; soft on/soft off functionality; and the ability to control environments with up to 50 timed events. StarLite, which installs using existing 110-volt home wiring, utilizes RF technology and operates up to 125 feet with no signal repeaters or up to 500 feet with four repeaters. Configuration is easy via PC or voice recognition. 877.466.5483.