Eleek Lighting

In an effort to help construction industry professionals, lighting designers, and homeowners determine the best types of lamping for their lighting projects,  Eleek has published a new Lamping Comparison Chart and comparison study. The Portland, Oregon-based lighting manufacturer looked at several criteria in their study, including power requirements (watts), light emitted (lumens), quality of light (CCT, CRI), cost, life span and carbon footprint. "We created this system because we ourselves needed the information and couldn’t find it available anywhere," says Sattie Clark, Eleek's co-founder and director of marketing and sustainability. "We thought it would be a public service if we put it into a format that was user-friendly and available to anyone on the Internet. As a designer and manufacturer of lighting we happily take it upon ourselves to educate our customers about their options, especially where sustainability is impacted.”

Clark says that, as far as the company is aware, the Lamping Comparison Chart is the first comprehensive comparison tool oriented toward both consumers and industry professionals. The company references data from the Consumer Energy Center, which suggests that lighting can represent 20% of home electricity bills and is among the easiest places for homeowners to start saving energy. The company hopes the Lamping Comparison Chart will help users choose more energy-efficient lamping options for their homes.