With a simplified two-duct construction, the Comfort Series Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is designed to offer a more straightforward installation process than traditional four-duct ERVs. The Comfort Series ERV also does not require a separate wall control, and instead integrates into existing home systems. Contractors can connect the unit to a home's furnace or ductwork, eliminating the need to make additional room and costly connections for a bulky four-duct ERV.

In its compact design, the unit helps achieve energy efficient comfort by transferring heat from outgoing air back to fresh, incoming air. In addition to reducing the energy required to heat and cool ventilation air, the Comfort ERV is also designed to helps address indoor humidity without affecting household pressure levels.

“The Comfort Series ERV is the first example of the next generation of ventilators,” says Kent Kuffner, indoor air quality product manager for Carrier. “Our two-duct design allows for easy
installation and its compact footprint can fit almost anywhere within the HVAC system. In
addition to its convenient design, the ERV significantly impacts the air quality of the home by

circulating in fresh air, while controlling humidity levels at the same time.” Carrier | carrier.com