Bulbrite. Designed as an energy-efficient light source for elegant crystal fixtures, Krystal Touch krypton bulbs are ideal for crystal chandeliers and other ceiling, vanity, and wall fixtures, and even outdoor lighting and security units. The bulbs deliver sparkling white light by eliminating yellow dullness, while producing higher lumens at a lower wattage than standard chandelier bulbs, thanks to a balance between gas and filament structure. A 10-watt krypton bulb has the equivalent output of a 15-watt incandescent. The Krystal Touch line includes flame tip and torpedo chandelier bulbs, G-11, and G-16 ½,  all with a clear finish. The models range from 10 to 60 watts and are offered in candelabra and medium bases. The Krystal Touch bulb is shown here in Shonbek’s Quantum lighting fixture. 800.528.5555. This product is part of the 2010 Remodeling Product Scavenger Hunt!
Hints: Bulbrite, Centor

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