Broan. Unlike other powered attic ventilators (PAV) that kick in when a given thermostat setting is reached, the Solar Powered Attic Ventilator begins running at first light, eliminating moisture from cool overnight air. An incorporated Cold Weather Thermostat disengages the unit at temperatures below 50º F for homeowners who prefer to forgo cold-weather ventilation. Powered by the sun, the SPAV requires no electricity or fuel, puts off no emissions, and is eligible for federal tax credits up to 30%. The tempered glass solar panel can withstand golf-ball–size hail and hurricane-force winds up to 140 mph. The highly sensitive panel can run even in times of low light and can gather solar energy even when laying flat on a roof. Remote- and gable-mounting options allow both the solar panel and ventilator to be installed in optimal locations. 800.558.1711.