Best describes its iQ Blower System as an intuitive range hood blower system that guarantees peak operating performance after installation. “We wanted to create a solution that would compensate for the air flow losses in duct systems that are not currently being addressed after a hood is installed,” says Brian Wellnitz, kitchen ventilation marketing manager. “We want to ensure that consumers are getting the performance they paid for.” 

Best iQ Blower System

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Intelligent technology lets installers maximize circulation and tells users when air flow is impeded

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The system's Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) technology makes it possible to calibrate the hood to each installation, providing up to 30% more airflow than hoods rated at similar cubic feet per minute (CFM). The iQ Blower System can also identify when the duct system is severely restricted. If airflow is impeded, an LED light flashes to notify users for corrective action, meaning fewer installer callbacks for poor smoke removal and, therefore, more satisfied homeowners.

In addition, the BEST iQ Blower System is designed to operate at half the sound volume of other high-performance range hoods and removes smoke and odors up to 30% faster, the maker says. Improved energy efficiency comes from the system’s advanced digital motor technology and a smooth flow blower and filter design that help ensure quiet performance.

The iQ Blower System technology is available on the Best PK22 Range Hood and will be added to select range hoods going forward. Best | 800.558.1711 |