Yuri Arcurs

Greenmoxie contributor Nikki Fotheringham examines gas and electric home appliances to determine which is more eco-friendly. The winner? Gas appliances seem to use less energy than electric appliances, and are often less expensive as well. (Plus, as any professional chef will attest, a gas range is the only way to properly sear or sauteé).

The kitchen and the laundry room use more than 30% of a home's energy, making stoves, washers, and dryers important appliances to look at for efficiency. Gas ranges uses less energy than electric stoves, making them a better option for those concerned about the environment. Washers and dryers are also more efficient when hooked up to a gas line.

Most heating systems already use gas, which is more efficient than electricity, but changing the filter, cleaning the system, and keeping the thermostat at a set temperature will reduce energy usage. Water heaters use 14% to 18% of a home's energy, and gas water heaters are more energy efficient.

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