BeON Home protection system (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)
Jack Gundlach BeON Home protection system (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)

Consisting of LED light bulbs, BeOn Home’s new home security system is another smart home tool to prevent home invasion. With rechargeable batteries, smart models, and a companion smartphone app, users are able to control or check their system. Hidden within the bulbs are the smart modules that help in power outages, emergency situations, and are used for home security to make it appear that owners are in the home, even when they are not.

As Builder Magazine’s Lauren Shanesy writes,

"The bulbs respond to the natural movements of homeowners and their daily routines. The system’s 'welcome home' feature allows users to turn lights on inside from the driveway via a one-touch button on the smart phone app. The bulbs also slowly fade off as family members walk from room to room or go up and down the stairs, so as to never leave any room dark as homeowners navigate throughout the house.

The intuitive system aims to trick intruders into thinking that owners are home to prevent a home invasion. The smart-modules mimic each homeowner’s routine movements and will replay them while the family is away to make it appear as if someone is in the home."

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