Imax is bringing its high-resolution screen and all-encompassing sound to homes, but you'll need a net worth of north of $5 million. Bloomberg staffer Anousha Sakoui takes a look at the Imax Private Theater, which is marketed to individuals in China and the Middle East and will have a $10,000 secure set-top box called the Imax Home Premier.

These private Imax theaters will also require rooms devoted to their installation or built to accomodate them:

The basic system is the "Palais" setup, for theaters up to 75 square meters, at a cost of $400,000—a price on par with a new Bentley in China. The set-top box and film rentals cost extra. An even bigger “Platinum” system accommodates up to 40 guests and costs about $1 million. Sales of both systems are expanding into North America and Europe, according to Imax.

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