If the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the range is the heart of the kitchen, GE's Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range is a kitchen design defibrillator. By combining some of the most popular range features requested by homeowners, the new model - the first of its kind, according to GE - will appeal to a wide range of consumers.

From an industry perspective, double-oven range sales grew 36% last year, and double-oven electric ranges grew 45%. GE says its research shows that people like the idea of only using what they need. Turning on a full-size oven for something small like a weeknight pizza seems wasteful. The configuration of a double-oven range alleviates this perception, and the ability to cook two items simultaneously at different temperatures continues to grow the category.

The new range model's slide-in construction offers flexibility for kitchen designers and easier clean-up for homeowners, thanks to the lack of crevices between cabinets and countertops, but continues to anchor the kitchen with a professional, built-in aesthetic.

GE's Slide-In Double-Oven Gas range offers a total capacity of 6.8 cubic feet. The maker says the model's double broiler is an industry first, offering two heating elements that run along the top of the cavity for even cooking. Other features include an integrated griddle, continuous grates so pans slide easily from one burner to another, and a tri-ring 20,000 Btu burner that can accommodate everything from a small saucepan to a large pasta pot.