Foundations & Framing

IBS Take-Aways: Steel Deck Framing SystemIBS Take-Aways: Steel Deck Framing System

Lauren Hunter, chief products editor for Hanley Wood, teams up with Matt Risinger, principal of Risinger Homes, to inspect Trex Elevations, a durable steel deck framing system that claims benefits over pressure-treated wood. Read more

TEC LiquiDam Moisture Barrier Seals Slabs with One CoatTEC LiquiDam Moisture Barrier Seals Slabs with One Coat

Fast-drying formula allows for same-day flooring installation over concrete. Read more

Panel Improvement: Dryvit Outsulation RMDPanel Improvement: Dryvit Outsulation RMD

Designed for residential applications in all climates, Outsulation RMD features a... Read more

Wet Work: DuPont RainVent BattensWet Work: DuPont RainVent Battens

Do away with wood furring strips in favor of corrugated plastic that won't... Read more

Concrete Seal: WR Grace Preprufe PlusConcrete Seal: WR Grace Preprufe Plus

A strong adhesive layer creates an impermeable barrier between concrete and... Read more

Fortifiber Moistop Rigid CornerShieldFortifiber Moistop Rigid CornerShield

Provide extra stability and protection against moisture intrusion at window... Read more

Stick to It: Cosella-Dorken Delta-Vent SAStick to It: Cosella-Dorken Delta-Vent SA

An upgrade from its mechanically fastened product, Delta-Vent SA is a... Read more

Walled In: Superior Walls Xi Plus Pre-Cast Insulated Concrete Panels Walled In: Superior Walls Xi Plus Pre-Cast Insulated Concrete Panels

Multiple layers of insulation help these pre-cast concrete panels achieve upward of R-42 for warm, dry foundations. Read more

Dupont StraightFlash VF Dupont StraightFlash VF

Super-sticky flashing ties windows and doors into the building envelope to keep water out. Read more

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