Scott Dickey, president of K&B Construction,  in Virginia Beach, Va., talks vinyl cedar siding

Product:The Foundry Siding by Tapco

Dickey says: We’ve done several projects with Foundry products. The siding used to be really high-sheen and looked like vinyl — really plasticky and not authentic — but they’ve toned down the sheen so the siding now has some of the authentic characteristics of real cedar.

Also, the lengths the material comes in make it easy to work with. You can cut it with snips — with a lot of the products from other manufacturers, you need a circular saw or a miter box — which saves time and makes the application a lot easier.

We get a lot of the elements out here. There aren’t many trees, so we have exposure on all sides with a lot of heat and salt. Right now we’re having issues with a different vinyl product we’ve used, and I have several homes under warranty claims where the manufacturer is paying for all the materials and labor. The Foundry has a good warranty, but in my experience, I’ve never had to use it.

I primarily use shingle-style profiles from The Foundry. They have a multitude of colors. We’ve found red to be really popular — and of course the earth tones. They’ve come so far with their weathered-looking product that it’s becoming more popular, too.