Product: James Hardie Color Plus

Terry says: “My wife and I started a painting company in 1995. During those projects, we were replacing a lot of engineered wood siding and we decided to give fiber cement a try.

“I did my research before we really got started. We found that James Hardie really stands up to the weather here, it looks great, and it comes with a great warranty. That’s helped us with customer service because we know one way to take care of the customer is to offer them a product that isn’t going to fail after a few years. I see a lot of my past clients around town ... and I want to be able to look them in the eye and know that I did a good job.

“With fiber cement, you really have to follow the rules. The manufacturers provide guidelines and we don’t deviate from them, unless we ‘deviate up’ by offering something that’s not required but that we know will improve the performance. We use a lot of ice-and-water shield in areas of the house where we feel water intrusion could be a major factor. In some spots we screw in the material instead of nailing. My approach is to think about the project as if it were my home and what I would want.”

About color plus siding: Applied to HardieZone siding, Color Plus technology offers a vivid and durable finish that lasts up to twice as long as other siding, according to the maker. A 15-year limited warranty covers the paint and labor and protects against peeling, cracking, and chipping. A palette of two dozen colors is distributed regionally.

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