A new bill introduced to Congress addresses residential and commercial property owner tax credits for installing green roofs. The Clean Energy Stimulus and Investment Assurance Act of 2009, sponsored by Washington state senator Maria Cantwell, is currently in committee.

If it passes, property owners will receive a 30% tax credit for qualified new and retrofit projects that cover at least 50% of the roof area with vegetation. Other sections of the bill request federal programs to support the creation of jobs in the green field.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (, one of the sponsors of the bill, recently launched a certification program for green roof professionals. The certification covers non-living elements of a green roof assembly such as waterproofing and structural engineering, as well as the living components such as water management, and growing media. The first exam for the new Green Roof Professional (GRP) designation will take place in June during the Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference. For more information, visit