David Kramer of 21st Century Building Company in West Bloomfield, Mich., specializes in James Hardie siding because he has had nothing but success with it. Even though it can be more expensive than other siding options, Kramer says he has little trouble persuading clients that it's the best choice.

“Oftentimes [the clients] will get a couple of [lower] prices, but we'll show them accents and details that no one else has shown them. They're happy with the siding's performance and with its warranties.” Clients are also impressed with the product's wide color selection and the company's ability to color-match.

The siding is also easy to work with. “You've got durability,” Kramer explains. “It's never going to ripple. It's dimensionally stable, so it won't expand and contract. The seams are butted together just like cedar siding.”

Doing a job with James Hardie products is often a marketing program unto itself, says Kramer. When neighbors see the work being done, they're impressed. “A siding job takes about four to six weeks and makes a really dramatic change. Everyone notices the difference. Over a four to five week period, that's great marketing.”

Remodeler: David Kramer
Company: 21st Century Building Co., West Bloomfield, Mich.
Product: James Hardie siding, www.jameshardie.com/remodel