Roof Flashing Mistakes to Avoid

No matter what the age of a building there is one simple universal truth: Water is a building's worst enemy. One of the most common places for water to penetrate a building? The roof. Here's how to make sure you flash a roof right so water doesn't get in. Read more

20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA 20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA

Using combinations of local materials and local labor, many products you use are made right here in the States. Read more

Homeowners Seeking ‘Last Roof’ Drive Metal SalesHomeowners Seeking ‘Last Roof’ Drive Metal Sales

After a lull brought on by the recession, the growth of metal roofing seems set to... Read more

Bad Roof Installations Offer Benefits—for Other Contractors

When roofing contractors screw up, two things happen: the industry gets a bad name and competent contractors get more work. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR blogger Mike Damora knows—he sees it all the time. Read more

Roof Venting in a Wet Climate

Reroofing a house on a barrier island off the East Coast presents some unique venting and moisture challenges. Building expert Paul Fisette offers up some tips to prevent mold growth and keep moisture out of the attic in this question and answer section. Read more

Why Smart Roofers Do Attic Inspections Why Smart Roofers Do Attic Inspections

At Russell Roofing in Pennsylvania, the salespeople/estimators do something unusual: They include an attic inspection with every sales call. Most roofers feel that checking out the roof surface provides what they need to prepare an estimate. But replacement contractors who add an attic inspection to the list cite many other benefits—including a competitive advantage. Read more

Why Smart Roofers Do Attic Inspections

If you don't currently do attic inspections as part of your process for selling a roofing project, you could be setting your customers up for a big increase in costs. An attic inspection will not only yield important information about the state of the roof, it will also set your company apart from the competition. Read more

Building a Foolproof Low-Slope Roof

A homeowner in the Pacific Northwest wants to detail his roof correctly—and has concerns about venting—but it may already be too late. The solution? Put time and effort into creating an unvented roof that best meets codes and needs. Read more

Will Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Really Rot Your Roof?

It's a good question that’s been raised in multiple reports written by green building experts and scientists. The answer? It won't rot your—or your customer's—roof so long as it’s installed correctly. Here's the science behind the answer. Read more

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