Houzer. The Epicure farmhouse-style sink is designed for people who prefer traditional design over contemporary. Handmade from 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel, the sink features the company’s StoneGuard insulation for noise reduction. Epicure is available in single- or double-bowl configurations. 800.880.3639. www.houzersink.com.

USG. Reduce airborne drywall dust with Sheetrock dust control joint compound Unlike traditional products that create dust clouds during sanding, this formulation allows particles to bind together creating “heavy dust” that falls straight to the floor. Packaged in 3 1/2-gallon quantities, the material weighs up to 35% less than other compounds, making handling, application, and sanding easier. 800.874.4968. www.downwithdust.com.

Schulte. The newest accessory to the freedomRail line lets users maximize all usable space in their double-hang closet setups. The Double Hang O-Box mounts on the freedomRail system in the 9-inch space between upper and lower hanging rods. Available in one-drawer, twodrawer, and shoe cubby styles, the O-Box comes in cherry, white, and maple. Accessories include drawer dividers and jewelry inserts. 800.669.3225. www.schultestorage.com.

GoldenLook. A low-maintenance floor covering, the GL Epoxy Stone System can be used inside or outside and is an attractive alternative to concrete for driveways, garages, and sidewalks. The system produces a unique textured aesthetic with performance benefits including stain and UV resistance, easy cleaning, and freeze-thaw stability. Installation is noninvasive, as the material can be applied over existing surfaces, and typically cures within one day. More than 60 designer colors are sold through a network of trained dealers and installers. 800.433.5397. www.goldenlook.com.

Rockler. Woodworkers can now use Pipe Clamp Bench Blocks to securely assemble rail-and-stile frames and doors. No longer requiring bar clamps or an extra hand during assembly, the blocks securely hold four standard pipe clamps at 90 degrees. The blocks also provide clearance for the clamp body, so clamp jaws can be positioned to form a tight corner. Made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, four blocks are included in each pack. 800.279.4441. www.rockler.com.

Peachtree Windows & Doors. New to the aluminum-clad 700 Series, oversized casement windows (center) offer improved views, more natural sunlight, and increased airflow. The casements reach heights of 6 feet 7 inches; 7 feet; and 7 feet 6 inches. A single-throw, triple-locking mechanism provides security. For interior finishes, choose from six hardwood options. Exteriors are available in eight standard colors, 47 designer colors, or any custom color. 800.732.2499. www.peachtreedoor.com.

PAM Fasteners. Especially well suited to drywall applications, the PC-12 Cordless Screw Gun has a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes quick work of large projects. The tool accommodates 1- to 2-inch fasteners with 600 to 900 screws per charge, and is ideal for use where a corded tool is inconvenient or electrical power is not available. 704.394.3141. www.pamfast.com.

Sto Corp. Taking a systems approach to building with stucco, Sto Powerwall NExT includes Sto Guard spray-on waterproofing/air barrier, an expanded galvanized metal lath reinforcing layer, a Sto Powerwall scratch coat, and a flexible, acrylicbased finish layer. The system effectively manages moisture to deter mold growth in wall assemblies, and can offer energy savings up to 40% in some climates, the company says. 800.221.2397. www.stocorp.com.

For more product information, visit ebuild.com, Hanley Wood's interactive product catalog.