Remodelers and replacement contractors continue to find benefits in selling projects with the help of computer renderings and online visualizers. Expanding on that popularity. Ply Gem recently introduced its MyHome feature, allowing homeowners to upload a photo of their home and get a tailored project visualization experience.

“The MyHome feature takes our Designed Exterior Studio tool one step further, giving homeowners more confidence in designing their dream home exterior,” said John Stephenson, senior vice president of marketing for Ply Gem. “In most instances, homeowners only have one chance to get the exterior design right. MyHome, helps take the guesswork out of color and product selection before the project begins and gives homeowners the opportunity to personalize and customize their design.”

Premium Pricing

The Designed Exterior Studio tool Stephenson refers to is a free web-based tool that offers nearly two dozen popular home styles pre-mapped to allow for the selection of siding, exterior trim, windows, doors, and roofing. The MyHome feature is an added element that allows users to tailor a specific home - not just one that Ply Gem pre-selected.

For a $25 per-image fee, a contractor or homeowner can upload an image of their own home's exterior, which is then sent toa professional designer to be mapped for the product selection process. During the mapping, designers use tools to segment areas of the home exterior, including windows, siding, trim, shutters, roof, and entry and garage doors. This step ensures that when users select a certain type of siding or other exterior product, it will render accurately based on the size, shape, and orientation of the home. It also takes into account trees and shrubbery, natural shadows, and other ornamentation so the product selections wrap around these elements rather than apply over them. The result is a more realistic image and a more accurate depiction of what Ply Gem's products will look like on the home.

The single fee lets users create multiple design plans for their home. They can then save these designs in a project folder on the Ply Gem website for future access. They can also share their designs on social media and e-mail the project to their contractor with a full product list.

Ply Gem says both the free Designed Exterior Studio and paid MyHome features have been received well by end users. The company is also working with homebuilders to set up personalized solutions for their custom elevations plans. Ply Gem | 888.975.9436 |