Builder senior editor Jennifer Goodman profiles several new products that allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without the bite.

A recent study commissioned by NuTone found that Americans spend roughly 10 hours a week in their yard during the summer. Yet, most would want the duration to be up to 18 hours--that is, if there weren’t biting mosquitoes around. The concern over mosquitoes has only increased within the last few months over the health scare of the zika virus hitting North America. Despite this, homeowners are continuing to shell out money for updating their outdoor living spaces with products and furniture.

Builder senior editor Jennifer Goodman writes on the new product by NuTone that hopes to repel those pesky, buzzing creatures:

The company recently introduced a backyard lighting and mosquito repellent system that eliminates the need for sprays, traps, candles, and torches by providing effective season-long mosquito protection. With the flip of a switch or the automatic optimal time/control, the Haven system delivers an odorless, silent and invisible vapor to repel mosquitoes.

"Homeowners put a great deal of time and effort into making their backyards enjoyable and relaxing places to spend time. So, it's no surprise that they will also go to great lengths to protect themselves against annoyances like mosquitoes," says Richard Palmersheim, group vice president for marketing.

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