The Green Police Get Into RoxulThe Green Police Get Into Roxul

The Green Police are back! This time, green building consultants Michael Anschel... Read more

Creating a Walk Out Basement

How do you protect the footing and foundation that includes a walk out doorway from frost in a very cold climate? Massachusetts-based residential architect Steve Baczek says that while a walk out basement isn't a good idea for that climate, such a project can be done and be well insulated. Here's how. Read more

20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA 20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA

Using combinations of local materials and local labor, many products you use are made right here in the States. Read more

Roxul Goes American-Made With New Mississippi PlantRoxul Goes American-Made With New Mississippi Plant

The Canadian manufacturer of stone wool is ramping up production in its new U.S.... Read more

Molette House SlideshowMolette House Slideshow

The historic 1825 Molette Plantation house in Alabama was moved several miles, renovated, and converted into a model of 21st century energy efficiency. Read more

Icynene Has a New Foam With a Higher R-Value

The product is called Icynene Classic Plus. The manufacturer says that the two-part spray foam insulation has an R-value of 4 per inch, compared to R-3.7 per inch for its Classic and Classic Max open-cell foam products. Read more

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What Happens When You Put a Plastic Vapor Barrier in Your Wall?

There is a lot of advice out there about whether or not to use vapor barriers or vapor retarders--leaving many building professionals confused. Part of the problem is that this advice doesn't focus on the physics of using such materials. Fear no more, building science expert Allison Bailes is on the case. Read more

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Building a Foolproof Low-Slope Roof

A homeowner in the Pacific Northwest wants to detail his roof correctly—and has concerns about venting—but it may already be too late. The solution? Put time and effort into creating an unvented roof that best meets codes and needs. Read more

Will Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Really Rot Your Roof?

It's a good question that’s been raised in multiple reports written by green building experts and scientists. The answer? It won't rot your—or your customer's—roof so long as it’s installed correctly. Here's the science behind the answer. Read more

HVAC: Can Anyone Get It Right?

Recent experiences with contractors and tradespeople have left green building expert Carl Seville frustrated. Too often he sees poor craftsmanship and little attention to detail. Here's what he suggests you focus on to get it right and avoid the mistakes inexperienced installers make. Read more

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