You button your shirt and zip your pants when you dress in the morning, so why would you construct a house without making sure all its sheathing fits together to protect what's underneath? Innovative engineering in the siding industry has resulted in modular panels and interlocking boards that fit tightly together, and new materials make the panels lighter, thereby decreasing labor. Keep these products in mind for your next siding project and you'll be sure to have all your underlayments covered.

Cultured Stone. Since its launch, Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone has been a popular selection for home exteriors. Angular and craggy, yet structured and orderly, the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired manufactured stone suits styles from mountain rustic to urban sophisticated. Cleverly disguised behind the stones is the patented Pro-Fit engineering. Stones group to form modular components for faster installation. The 4-inch-high pieces come in 8-, 12-, or 20-inch lengths. 800.255.1727.

LP. Immigrating to New England and the Great Lakes region after success in Canada, Canexel pre-finished engineered siding is a wood composite that mimics cedar, and comes in four profiles and 15 colors. A locking alignment system connects the 12-foot lengths to keep them hanging straight and true. Three of the profiles can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 615.986.5600.

Alcoa. Structure Premium Insulated Siding is expanding to include Structure EPS, an insulated vinyl siding offering an R-value of 3.6. A borate treatment in the EPS foam backing repels termites. Available in double 4-, 6-, 7-inch profiles, or a Dutch lap profile, with wind-load ratings from 160 mph to 190 mph. 800.962.6973.

Exterior Portfolio by Crane. Designed with the look of natural stone, BellaStone exterior panels weigh 80% less than manufactured cement stone, and install 50% faster, according to the manufacturer. Featuring an R-value of 4, the panels mount directly to the wall with no prep-work or special tools, and a built-in moisture management system prevents water infiltration. Two colors are available. 800.366.8472.

Sto. Three StoQuik Silver systems combine moisture- and abuse-resistant cement board with reinforced stucco base coats. System 1 is designed for weather-protected applications, while StoQuik Silver NExT is suitable for all weather exposures. StoQuik Silver NExT-Ventilated incorporates a drainage cavity for moisture control. 800.221.2397.

Cedar Valley Shingle Systems. Handcrafted of western red cedar, Handy Panels simplify shingle installation. Each 4-foot panel features kiln-dried shingles, an integrated fiber-glass moisture barrier, and plywood backing. Three styles include even buttline with open keyway, fish-scale, and staggered buttline. 800.521.9523.

Royal Building Products. Thanks to advanced color technology, Colorscapes vinyl siding offers enduring UV resistance and color protection that lets dark colors retain their rich tones. The heavy-guage vinyl panels are available in 13 colors, including heritage blue, rustic red, charcoal gray, and Chesapeake green, and will not warp, buckle, or sag, the maker says. The “color-through” process hides scratches so panels stay looking freshly painted. A ¾-inch panel butt height enhances shadow lines for a realistic wood look while strengthening rigidity. 800.387.2789.

CertainTeed. The maker's WeatherBoards and ColorMax FiberCement siding lines are now made using a patented green formulation including recycled fly ash, Portland cement, wood fiber, and specialty additives. The enhanced formula creates a lighter-weight, lower-density product while maintaining the authentic-looking woodgrains that fiber cement can achieve. By reducing the weight and density through the use of fly ash, the material requires less energy to produce, transport, and install, without sacrificing quality or durability, the maker says. 800.233.8990.

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