With garage doors often being a dominant part of a home’s front elevation, manufacturers have long emphasized the positive effect that an upgraded garage door can have on curb appeal. To help quantify just how much impact garage doors have, REMODELING added Garage Door Replacement as a category in the 2010-11 Cost vs. Value Report. The addition reflects a trend toward smaller replacement projects and bolsters the Report’s coverage of exterior remodeling projects.

REMODELING worked with garage door manufacturers and dealers to determine points of differentiation between midrange and upscale garage door replacement projects. Recouped cost ranked high, likely due to the low project cost and the doors’ ability to boost curb appeal and potential buyers’ first impressions.

A complete description of the projects, as well as data for each of the nine Cost vs. Value regions, can be found at costvsvalue.comor through the Cost vs. Value app, available in the iTunes App Store.