In an effort to make more energy efficient homes, the Internation Residential Code updated its code in 2015 to "[limit] air leakage to five air changes per hour or less in Climate Zones 1 and 2, and three air changes per hour in Zones 3 through 8," Charlie Wardell writes for our sister publication, ProSales. One product is already paving the way to make complying with this new code easier: peel-and-stick housewrap.

Like other housewraps, these products’ main job is to create a drainage plane between the siding and the sheathing—a secondary watershed in case rain or melting snow gets past the siding. Unlike other housewraps, they do a consistently good job at blocking airflow. Four prominent versions of peel-and-stick are Henry Co.’s BlueskinVP, Delta Vent SA, Grace’s Vycor enV-S, and Polywall’s Aluma Flash Plus. Builders who understand peel-and-stick’s benefits likely will be willing take a second look at these products.

To learn more about peel-and-stick housewrap's benefits, follow the link below.

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