AERT. MoistureShield trim and molding products are manufactured with the same process the company uses for its MoistureShield composite decking. Reclaimed wood fibers in the material are totally encapsulated in recycled plastic to create an attractive, water-resistant finishing material for home exteriors. The total encapsulation helps the material resist rot, decay, moisture, and insects. Made with a 50/50 blend of recycled wood fiber and recycled polyethylene plastics, MoistureShield trim and molding products contain a minimum of 90% recycled content and can help builders earn points in popular green building certification programs. Installed with standard tools and fasteners, MoistureShiled trim and molding comes in a range of sizes, smooth or wood grain finishes, and a variety of profiles. 866.729.2378. This product is part of the 2010 Remodeling Products Scavenger Hunt!
Hint: DaVinci, Milgard

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