Any amount of house settling or nuances of door assembly or installation can affect the contact an entry door has with its bottom sill. Without a tight seal, air and water can seep in, affecting home comfort and compromising the integrity of the door and its opening.

To help ensure a tight seal, Endura has introduced the Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill (ZAC). Featuring a patent-pending spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom, the ZAC is a self-adjusting sill system that overcomes real-world conditions.

While traditional adjustable sills can be fine-tuned to compensate for uneven surfaces, settling, or other issues, Endura believes those adjustments are rarely made.

By self-adjusting, articulating ? inch under any conditions, the ZAC eliminates the need for the builder or homeowner to monitor necessary changes. In addition to improved door performance, Endura says independent testing showed that the ZAC helped improved door units’ design pressure ratings an average of 20% over systems with standard sills.

ZAC cap and door bottoms can be retrofitted to any installed Z Series Sill. Endura | 800.334.2006 |