Buttressed by data from Remodeling's Cost vs. Value report, Lancaster Online asked Tom Eby, of Keystone Custom Decks in New Holland, Pa., to report on trends he's seeing in local projects in his part of Eastern Pennsylvania. Here's what he's seeing:

— Shade options: Whether porches or pergolas, a permanent structure that shades part or all of the deck.

Deck Display at PMC Building Materials, Marietta, GA

— Curved decking “bump-outs”: They can be made any size, and used for any purpose, such as designating a spot for the grill or a fire pit. More people, Eby says, are asking for a deck bump-out with a custom bar top and room for seating.

— Average size: Anywhere from 400 to 600 square feet; Eby says deck size varies greatly project to project.

— Cost?: Again, Eby says, this varies widely, depending on materials used (which composite is chosen, or whether the homeowner prefers wood), the design’s complexity and extras. The range is roughly $40 a square foot up to $60 or $70 a square foot, he says, “but it’s all project-specific.”

And there's one trend Eby isn't seeing: Railings made of glass or cabling. “We get into it a little bit in other places, like if you go to the shore,” he says, but not in most Lancaster-based projects.

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