15 Hot Outdoor Design Trends15 Hot Outdoor Design Trends

Outdoor living spaces for entertaining and relaxing will be in high demand during... Read more

How to Maintain Composite Decking

As with all materials subject to Mother Nature, composite decking can show signs of wear after a few years. Here's how to clean a deck built with composite materials and some tips to share with homeowners to help them keep their deck looking like new. Read more

Ready Seal Gives Outdoor Lumber a FaceliftReady Seal Gives Outdoor Lumber a Facelift

From decks to siding, Ready Seal offers an easy-to-apply stain and sealer in one. Read more

Concrete LumberConcrete Lumber

Made from a cementitious composite, this lumber promises durability, strength, and... Read more

Fastening Deck Ledger to an I-Joist Floor

Need to attach a deck ledger to a house with I-Joist floors? First, figure out if the rim board is structural and go from there, says Rhode Island-based deck builder Mike Guertin. Here's what else he suggests doing. Read more

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Porch Stair Makeover

Replacing old pressure-treated porch stairs doesn't have to be a complicated project. Using a prefabricated PVC skirt-and-riser assembly can cut down on time and make the rest of the project much easier. Here's how. Read more

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Maintenance Programs Keep Decks Looking Good

After installing a tropical hardwood deck, a savvy deckbuilder should make finishing and maintaining it a top priority. Not only does that work please the customer, it also creates a new revenue stream. Here's how and why. Read more

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Highlighting the Value of Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is a great value proposition that not only increases profits for deck builders and remodelers, but also adds a safety element and can give homeowners more opportunities to use their decks. Here are a few top-notch examples. Read more

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Keep the Views with Cable Rails

There are a range of cable railing systems available, with each manufacturer offering unique choices in posts, rails, and hardware. This article includes a slideshow that provides a quick introduction to those choices. Read more

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