Is it a Roof or Deck?Is it a Roof or Deck?

Bill Leys explains some of the critical details that go into a durable, walkable... Read more

Wahoo Glass Panel Railing

Four-inch-wide tempered glass panels with beveled edges are installed with brackets to top and bottom aluminum rails. All fasteners are hidden after installation, and wicking channels that are molded into the bottom brackets allow water to drain. Read more

Connecting Girders to Deck Ledgers

What do the codes say about connecting girders to deck ledgers when constructing a deck? According to deck building expert Glenn Mathewson, apparently a little too much without enough good reasoning. Read more

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Lumber Choices for a Porch Floor

How do tropical hardwoods stack up against Douglas fir? Pretty well. Woods such as Meranti or Brazilian redwood can easily replace Douglas fir, but it's important to note the differences in all the woods. Read more

Building a Deck for an Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools often provide a challenge to remodelers and deck builders. They feature tricky angles and can vary in size and complexity. Here's how one veteran deck builder handles a wide variety of such projects and how he's learned to keep costs down and profits up. Read more

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Choosing the Right Deck Finish

Choosing a deck finish is no simple task. With so many options to choose from it can be an almost overwhelming decision process. Here are some tips to help you and your clients choose the right finishes for their decks. Read more

Deck Detail: Table for TwoDeck Detail: Table for Two

A combination bench and corner table offers a quiet spot on a deck for... Read more

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Could Stone Paver Decks Compete With Wood and Composites?Could Stone Paver Decks Compete With Wood and Composites?

This author argues that they can be a cost-effective alternative Read more

Flooring an L-Shaped Porch

There are two good ways to deal with this situation—by running floorboards into a separate meeting strip, or by weaving their ends together in a herringbone pattern. Here's one expert's instruction on how to construct both options. Read more

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