Use Optimus and EasyFlex Pro profiles to finish corners and archways with precision. Applied with regular joint compounds and no need for sprays, staples, or glues, each product is a structural laminate that becomes part of the wall it's finishing.

"The unique structural laminate composition also ensures optimal durability combined with straighter, truer corners, which equates to more satisfied property owners, and fewer callbacks," says Dave Englehardt, president of CertainTeed Gypsum.

The new Optimus product line includes three stick profiles featuring a surface paper ideal for applying paint and textures. Each corner product results in a self-forming, ridgeless angle that wont' separate from the wall, blister, crack, or dent, the maker says. The sticks can also withstand significant shifting due to lumber drying, settling, and humidity and temperature differences. Profiles include an outside 90, 3/8-inch bullnose, L-trim, and archway profiles in a range of lengths.

The EasyFlex Pro line gives installers flexible 100-foot rolls that accommodate inside or outside angles of any length, and holds the desired angle thanks to a memory-free hinge. The specially formulated surface paper accepts any type of finish and resists abrasion. CertainTeed | 800.233.8990 |