DAP. Side Winder siding and window sealant offers permanent flexibility and durability and will not shrink, crack, or yellow, says the firm. The sealant can be applied in rainy weather and in temperatures below freezing. It cures in 24 hours. (800) 327-3339. www.dap.com. Sashco. Formulated for leak repair on roofs and around roof fixtures, Through the Roof! is flexible and clear and lasts two to three times longer than asphalt roof sealants, says the maker. The product adheres to a range of materials, including galvanized metal, brick, and cement. (800) 289-7290. www.sashco.com.

Fomo Products. Handi-Seal FR 136 fireblock/draft sealant can be used to help control and slow the spread of fire where plastic pipe, wiring, and chimneys pass through walls. The sealant is applied with a caulk gun, contains no volatile solvents, and is water soluble. (800) 321-5585. www.fomo.com.

OSI Sealants. One of 10 new canned adhesives, PL Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive offers a strong waterproof bond for a variety of materials, including drywall, paneling, plastic, marble, and ceramic tile. It is available in quart- and gallon-sized cans. (888) 445-0208. www.osisealants.com.

Red Devil. Line of high-performance construction adhesives includes heavy-duty, multi-purpose, all-weather subfloor and decking and tub surround adhesives. A solvent-free formula also is available. The freeze/thaw stable adhesives can be used for trim, paneling, drywall, tub surrounds, and all types of lumber. (800) 423-3845. www.reddevil.com.

Franklin International. Titebond HiPURformer combines polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives and an easy-to-use applicator tool. The kit includes three types of adhesive for a range of jobs, plus a cartridge gun, base and charger, and carrying case. (800) 877-4583. www.titebond.com.