Hanley Wood products editor Lauren Shanesy breaks down the top seven projects at this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. In it’s 15th year BuildingGreen, Inc.,’s has broken down the top seven green products that could be game-changers in building technology, infrastructure, and building communities going beyond “business as usual.”

Here are just a few of the products highlighted by Shanesy:

Accoya Acetylated Wood: Resistant to natural elements and pests, this certified pine has been treated under high heat and pressure to change the chemical makeup allowing for it to be ultra-durable. This means the wood won’t absorb water or shrink.

Designtex Textiles: Contaminating water with their excessive dye runoff, textiles can be dangerous. To elevate this environmental danger, Designtex has created a database of more than 8,000 certified sustainable textile materials based on their specific requirements.

HyperPure Water Piping: Without negative environmental side effects, this flexible portable water pipe does everything that copper, PVC, and PEX can do. It is also recycle, cost-effective, and leaves no chemical tastes in the water.

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