Whether you're trouble-shooting a home's heat loss, tracking down just the right shower surround, or working to safely and efficiently light your clients' way through their newly finished project, Remodeling Show exhibitors have just what you're looking for. As the industry continues to rebound after tough years, dozens of manufacturers are stepping onto the Remodeling Show floor for the first time and bringing new and exciting products with them. Here are six new products to look for from first-time exhibitors as the Remodeling Show joins with Deck Expo and JLC Live this week in Baltimore.

Designed with ease of use and pricepoint in mind for thermal imaging beginners, the TG165 imaging IR thermometer helps take the guesswork out of tracking energy loss. The unit combines a single spot IR thermometer with the detail of a thermal imaging camera, allowing it to report the temperature of an area and simultaneously scan the area for hot and cold patterns shown on the LCD screen. Ideal for checking seals around windows and doors, spotting areas of missing insulation, pinpointing electrical hotspots, or locating water leaks and clogs, the TG165 has a temperature reading range of -13F to 716F. Flir | flir.com

ForzaStone lets designers incorporate real travertine and marble into their bathroom designs without labor-intensive tile work. The panels are comprised of two sheets of reinforced metal alloy sandwiching a 4mm-thick engineered composite backing, all fused to a 5mm-thick skin of real stone. Panels measure up to 96 inches by 60 inches, weigh 3 pounds per square foot, and offer groutless installation, which makes them easy to maintain. ForzaStone | 888.993.6792 | forzastone.com

Henry Co.
Blueskin VP 100 self-adhered, water-resistant air barrier membrane fully adheres to sheathing with watertight laps. Self-sealing technology helps eliminate air and moisture gaps around fasteners and limits the movement of air and moisture through walls, helping to improve insulation performance and the potential for more energy savings in the home. Henry | 800.486.1278 | henry.com

Liquid Sunshine
As more raised homes are constructed in flood planes and coastal areas, remodelers and contractors will be interested in Louvered Piling Walls. The fully vented product eliminates the need for flood vents in foundations. Designed for easy installation, the walls are sold in 6-inch increments up to 114 inches tall and 192 inches wide. Custom panel sizes are available, and louvered doors are also part of the product line. In addition to ventilation and water flow, the louvered panels also provide privacy and security and can help homeowners save on flood insurance. Liquid Sunshine | 609.778.4055 | outsideshower.com

PCA Products
Designed with a self-locking spline that grips tighter on the screen when more force is applied, the A-500 aluminum screen door is tested to hold more than 550 pounds, eliminating the frustration of sagging or blowing screens. The door's full-length piano hinge ensures smooth operation without sagging. According to the manufacturer, the heavy-duty frame will not rust, twist, or splinter. Install right- or left-handed with an inswing or outswing configuration. PCA Products | 800.567.8897 | pcaproducts.com

Benefitting from a successful Kickstarter campaign, The SnapRays Guide Light solves the problem of losing useful wall outlets to bulky nightlights. Designed to replace standard duplex and décor-style wall outlet cover plates, SnapRays have build-in LEDs that pull their power from electrical contacts built into the cover, leaving both outlets available for use at all times. Light sensors turn SnapRays Guide Lights on and off automatically. The maker says that each Guide Light costs less than 10 cents per year to operate and lasts up to 25 years. SnapPower | snappower.com

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