Water Rescue: The story of a remodel with two floods and a relocation.

The first flood in 2004 ruined much of the first $125,000 remodeling project that started in 2003. During this flood, two entry foyers and the laundry had 7 inches of water. All utilities that were in the basement were destroyed. All wiring in contact with the flood water was demolished. Most of the work done above the first floor was undamaged. The repair work cost an additional $350,000.

A second flood in April 2005 ruined the repair work completed after the first flood. The main floor, including the kitchen shown here, and the basement were, once again, ruined. The discouraged homeowners were ready to walk away, but remodeler Joe Billingham asked them to consider moving the entire house to higher ground--out of the flood plain and into the flood fringe.

The original stone fireplace in the living room survived both floods and was enhanced with a new mantel and a built-in cabinet that holds the first floor audio/video equipment.

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