Walking Tall

Grand Award: Craftsmanship/Detail Under $25,000

Jeff Nicholson was charged with designing stairs that would bring out the beauty of the simple materials, which include bamboo, steel, and drywall.

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The designer removed the lower section walls to add to the open feel on the upper levels.

The designer added a second skylight to bring more light into the center tower.

The original stairs did not meet code.

The stability of the solid stock bamboo made it easy to built to a high level of craftsmanship. One that should last the test of time.


Though the original stairs had a contemporary look, the homeowners wanted a more elegant design than one with standard cable rail and wood.

The treads are made from the 1 1/4-inch solid stock bamboo, which the designer says is consistent throughout in color and train, and could be cut and worked like plywood.

The steel railing was fabricated in a shop and needed only a few on-site welds to fit into place.

The designer says this small kerf cut hides the joint between each tread and riser. The design also has stringers placed closer to the center to make the stairs look like they are floating.

See the full article about this award-winning design.

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