Tudor in the Tetons: Architect Mitch Blake Gives His Tudor Home a Modern Twist

This smart, economical renovation transformed the character of a quirky, builder-grade Tudor while leaving the building's bones essentially intact.

The green roof that wraps the home's south end shelters a large outdoor seating area and two small entry stoops, at the kitchen and breakfast room. Its low profile improves the view from second-floor windows, as does its planting of meadow grasses.

A single carpet color–charcoal gray, with different textures for public and private areas–helps unify the home's interior. The unfinished steel plate that clads the living room fireplace is used as an accent material throughout the house. The same cement board panels, with the same coursing pattern, that bring a calming sense of order to the exterior, also line the inside of the home's perimeter walls.

A 4-foot kitchen extension opens to distant mountain views.

A glass-paneled guardrail surrounds the main stair, maximizing the visual connection and flow of light between floors.

Throughout the house, new, larger windows open to views of the Teton Range. The third-floor bunkrooms are magnets for visiting grandchildren.

A completely new finish schedule, along with some strategic additions, rescued this aesthetically challenged Tudor house�without breaking the bank.

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