Toolbox Makeover

WinnerGene Farina, owner, Kitchens 2000 As a cabinet dealer, most of Gene Farinaís homeowner clients work with remodelers. That means Farina does few installations, but his tools donít just sit around. “If my customers need attention after a job is installed, Iím happy to go out and make adjustments,” he says. “During my last project, I had a bunch of tools lying around. The bucket was handy and thatís what Iíve been using since then!”

Runner UpDavid Hamtil, co-owner, Hamtil Construction “Itís been like this for years, but I refuse to get rid of it because I love the layout of the trays.”

Runner UpPaul Michalski, owner, PJM Carpentry “This is my everyday toolbox. Needs some help!”

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