Tall & Transom

Casement window standard muntin pattern

With casement windows, switching from standard muntins to the short-fractional style creates a look similar to a transom, but without the cost.

Adding transoms to double-hung windows creates a stack of three “boxes” ó an outcome that is too busy for some people, and adds cost, too.

One option, with just as much glass, and less cost, is to use a single, taller, double-hung window with muntins only in the upper sash. This helps achieve the look of a separate, transom-like window.

Consider how the muntins look from the outside. When muntins are on the exterior of the glass, theyíre more visible and are just as attractive as the inside. Standard muntin widths are about æ inch. Opt for muntins slightly larger than 1 inch if you want them to stand out more. Spending more money here gives the muntins pop and pizzazz.

When muntins are on the interior of the glass, theyíre less visible from the outside when light reflects off the window. The inclusion, or absence, of muntins allows transoms to adapt to architectural styles ranging from traditional to modern.

The tops of windows are usually aligned for a consistent flow. However, when adding transoms, a new height is established and the remaining windows must be well planned to maintain that flowing appearance. On the other hand, the transoms could stand alone as a unique feature.

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