Suburban Renewal

A drab split-level home is transformed into a modern showpiece with the addition of a "light box" to the rear facade, adding space on two levels and bringing in abundant natural light.

The rear façade of this suburban home was seemingly transformed thanks to a new glass box to the left which let an abundance of natural light flow into the home during the day while casting a subtle glow from within at night.

The home is almost unrecognizable from its old self and is a showplace at night.

The new breakfast room on the upper level of the glass box has a front row view to the beautiful outdoors beyond.

The open plan family room flows into the kitchen making it the ideal spot for entertaining.

The new staircase features open risers that bring even more light into the front of the house.

New skylights and an updated circulation path bring in more daylight and provide a contemporary feel.

The majestic deck provides an ideal spot for tanning on top or for staying cool below.

The home's entry foyer is now rich with light thanks to new skylights and an open floor plan.

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