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Grand Award: Historically Sensitive Renovation over $300,000

Design-builder Judy Mozen, owner of Handcrafted Homes, faced the daunting task of restoring and repairing the exterior of the historic Beaux Arts home of Asa Candler, the founder of Coca Cola.

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The home’s exterior was in a massive state of disrepair with serious structural damage: wood rot, lack of structural support in many places, brick work that needed tuck-pointing.

After a lengthy search Mozen discovered three brothers in Chicago at Renaissance Roofing who owned an old government press. Handcrafter Homes hand delivered sample of the original metal tiles. The brothers made – on by one – 4,240 pieces of galvanized steel tiles, 720 pieces of valley and eave, 257 pieces of decorative hip/ridge, and 4 decorative finials. The pieces were coated in Kynar finish.

The roof had a major valley rafter cut in the attic that had to be restructured. The valley pitch had to be altered slightly to control the flow of water to the hidden gutters.

One obstacle was removing old plaster pieces, which were held together by lead paint and crumbled when touched. Mozen commissioned knives to be made to reproduce the mouldings; they used resins to create the pieces. So much structural damage existed on the columns, capitals, and entablature that they had to be locked together with 2x4s to secure them during the repair work.

Hidden gutters had leaked behind the cornice and frieze – soaking and rotting the wood all the way through to the framing behind the interior entry hall plaster and gold painted crown moulding.

BEFORE: Failure of the original concealed gutters led to extensive damage, including at the curved cornice of the verandah roof.

Remodeler Judy Mozen couldn’t find a ready-made tile that was ¾” porcelain without a bevel. She researched until she found a small entrepreneur who was able to make the field tiles in a snowflake design and the Greek key border. She created a CAD drawing assigning two layout patterns that would allow the craftsman to make one sheet of snowflake tile and one without–to keep from having hundreds of little tile pieces to install

BEFORE: The porch’s tiled floor before its restoration.

The curved porch restored to its original elegance.
See the full article about this award-winning project.

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