Reach for the Sky

Moving a staircase and adding a skylight works wonders for lightening up a century-old row house.

This 100-year-old row house in the Georgetown area of Washinton D.C. looks fairly subdued on the outside

Before: The living room prior to the remodel.

After: The living room after the remodel.

Before: The home's original staircase was just off of the living room.

After: The new staircase was moved to the middle of the house and its transparent design allows for light to reach deep within the remodeled home.

Before: The original kitchen was in the rear of the home's main level.

The kitchen was moved to the center of the main level in what used to be the dining room.

The skylight above the staircase is the centerpiece of the new construction as it welcomes light into a home that had been dark for over a century.

The use of glass walls, an open floor plan, and steel cables assure that this home will always have an abundance of natural light pouring in from above.

There is no mistaking the majesty of the simple and sleek master suite at the front of the second level.

The master bath has a spa-like elegance and is artfully “hidden” behind “door number 3” among the closets.

The family room in the rear of the revamped row house spills out into the small backyard via a series of folding glass doors. This space was originally occupied by the kitchen.

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