Product Extra: Tough Tools

New products from Forrest Mfg., Knipex, Malco, Milwaukee, Starrett, and Swanson.

Forrest Mfg. The Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II saw blade has only a 0.08-inch (5/64) kerf and provides little resistance when cutting. An alternative top bevel grind (ATB) means the points of the carbide -tipped teeth alternate from one side to the other. In combination, the features allow the teeth to cut with a scoring action, minimizing resistance and tearout while improving precision. Ideal for architectural millwork or fine furniture making, the Ultra Thin works with lighter-duty saws. Depending on use, a dampener-stiffener may be recommended to hold the blade rigid and reudce cutting vibration. The 10-inch diameter blade has a 5/8-inch bore, 40 teeth and a 20-degree positive hook. Custom-size bores are also available. 800.733.7111.

Knipex. When working with snap rings or retaining rings, Snap Ring Pliers offer versatility, functionality, and durability. Available with two tip styles in a variety of diameters from 0.035 to 0.126 inches, Snap Ring Pliers are forged from chrome vanadium electric steel designed to minimize tip breakage and offer extended tool life. Available in heavy duty or extra heavy duty models from the maker's Precision Series.

Malco Tools. New Connext Handles have been combined with precision-fit and hardened Malco Chuck Drivers to create a versatile, durable hand-held hex driver and nut driver. All components, including magnetic hex chuck driver shafts and new hollow hex chuck drivers and Connext handles are also available separately. Replacing a worn hand driver with just a driver shaft at a time is more economical, the maker says, and changing a hand driver size can be as easy as retrieving a different size color-coded chuck driver from the tool box. 800.328.3530.

Milwaukee. The Hackzall M18 cordless one-handed recip saw is the newest product in the M18 Lithium-Ion product line. Giving users the ability to make clean cuts while owrking overhead or in tight spaces, the Hackzall Recip Saw features a dual-gear anti-vibration to achieve the lowest vibration level among 18-volt reciprocating saws, the maker says. A powerful motor delivers 3,000 strokes per minute, and a 3/4-inch stroke length is suitable for wood, metal, and PVC. Weighing 4.1 pounds, the tool is compatible with both the M18 high-capacity and compact lithium-ion batteries, and features a Quik-Lok blade clamp for fast, tool-free blade changes. 800.729.3878.

Starrett. The newest tool in the 505 Miter Saw Protractor Series is the ProSite 505P-7. The protractor provides the functionality of the 505 series at a more affordable pricepoint. For mitering or making single butt joint cuts the user simply adjusts the tool legs to the work surfaces, reads the angle on the dial face, and sets the miter saw to the reading. Constructed of engineered plastic designed to withstand demanding work environments, the 505P-7 features tensioned 7-inch legs and a teflon O-ring for smooth, precise operation. Laser-engraved dial scales help ensure accuracy. 843.746.3577.

Swanson Tools. When the power is off at a jobsite, crews often find themselves working in spaces with poor lighting. The Professional Lightning Level makes leveling tasks easier in these situations, featuring three lighted vials with accuracy of 0.0005 inches per foot. The acrylic block vials are lit by LEDs designed to last a lifetime, the maker says, and feature three-ring center lines for easy pitch calculations. Requiring two AAA batteries (included), one button illuminates all three vials with a single push. An auto-shutoff feature helps prolong battery life. Available in 24- or 48-inch lengths, the level is avaiable with or without a magnetic edge. 815.469.9453.

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