Product Extra: The Remodeling Show, Part 1

Aurora Deck Lighting. The Orion Light is the first of the maker's Deck Lights to use a geometric shape in front of the glass, creating a new design element. The design adds an additional aesthetic to decks by incorporating light at any time of day. Made of solid cast aluminum, the Orion light and matching caps are designed for deck and fence post sizes from 2 to 6 1/2 inches. Designed to fit post withds of 3 1/2, 4, or 5 1/2 inches. Other sizes are available with conversion bases.

Kohler Power Systems. The OnCue Home Generator Management System lets homeowners observe and manage generator performance from any remote location via e-mail or text message. Once installed, OnCue software connects a computer to the home generator, displaying relevant status information from the generator to assure normal operation. Homeowners can view real-time status of the generator, observe and clear any diagnostic fault codes, review a time-stamped history of faults, and start or stop the generator. Status message can also be forwarded directly to local Kohler dealers for service. 800.544.2444.

Nyloboard. Made from 100% recycled carpet fibers, Nyloboard products can be used in a range of construction applications, including as deckboards. Natural-looking in texture and color, NyloDeck is termite-, moisture-, mold-, and rot-proof, the maker says, and weighs less than wood-based and other composite decking. Able to span up to 24 inches, the material feature an embossed surface and UV protectant, and can contribute help projects earn LEED points. Choose from light caramel or cocoa colors.

Panasonic. New WhisperLite ventilation fans are designed for 4- or 6-inch ducts, and feature a central mounting system giving installers more flexiblity when placing fans in challenging ceiling configurations. Meeting or exceeding ASHRAE standards with water gauge (wg) as low as 0.25 or 0.1 inches, the fans still maintain quiet sone levels as low as 0.3. The new WhisperLite models feature a contemporary flush-mount grille that incorporates a 32-watt Energy Star-rated CFL light fixutre and a 4-watt night light.

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