Product Extra: Stimulus Products for the New Year

New products from Endurance, ODL, SMA America, Solar Gard, Therma-Tru, and Water Furnace as we move into year two of federal tax credit availability.

Endurance Wind Power.  The Endurance S-250 wind turbine can be directly connected to the power grid without the need for an inverter. It has a power rating of 5 kWh and can match the energy requirements of average U.S. households that consume up to 18,000 kWh per year, the company says. A braking system and over-speed protection stop the rotors in cases of extreme high wind or fault conditions. The Endurance S-250 is eligible for a full 30% federal tax credit. 888.440.4451.

ODL. The maker’s Low-E glass packages qualify for federal tax credits and can be combined with internal, between-the-glass blinds, which provide a U-factor between, 0.23 and 0.26, depending on the door. Internal Muntin Doorglass Blinds offer both insulation and energy efficiency, the maker says, thanks to a 1 5/8-inch triple-pane assembly. For additional energy efficiency, the doorglass blinds can reduce solar heat gain up to 77% and eliminate the need for dusting. 800.253.3900.

SMA America. The maker has introduced specially configured Sunny Boy 4000US solar inverters for use on homes with 100-amp electrical service. Designed to provide installers with greater flexibility on residential retrofit projects, the inverter’s electric current output has been reduced to 16 amps to comply with National Electric Code standards, while offering installers additional sizing options. Older homes with 100-amp electrical service can now have solar arrays installed more easily without having to upgrade the electrical. 916.625.0870.

Solar Gard. In addition to many high-efficiency windows, some window films, such as Solar Gard solar control window films, also qualify for federal tax credits. Nearly invisible when applied, solar control window films allow homeowners to benefit from natural light while reducing total solar energy by up to 80%, the maker says. The films also reduce glare, UV exposure, and help eliminate window hot spots that affect interior temperatures. 877.273.4364.  

Therma-Tru. Using technology once reserved for the maker’s most expensive lines, the Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection replicates the warm grain of mahogany hardwood in a fiberglass door. Simple lines and architectural details make the Fiber-Classic Mahogany line ideal for Craftsman, bungalow, Arts & Crafts, and mission-style architecture. The doors are available with a range of decorative doorglass designs. Composite top and bottom rails offer increased rot resistance while LVL stiles improve the doors’ structural integrity. The Energy Star-qualified doors offer both insulation and durability, and may be eligible for federal tax credits up to $1,500. 800.537.8827.

Water Furnace.  Envision NSW Series geothermal hydronic units are available in 1.5- to 6-ton capacities for versatile hydronic heating. The units can provide heat for domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, pool heating, and snow and ice melt, while reducing hot water costs by as much as 60% a year, the maker says. NSW units also can provide chilled water for cooling applications. The unit’s controller allows the user to view all modes of operation and to easily adjust temperatures. The units feature ThermaShield foam insulation to increase efficiency and consistency of the heat exchangers. Tax credits may be available for geothermal systems. 800.934.5667.

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