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Manufacturers have been busy introducing new products that qualify for federal tax credits.

Rheem. With an energy factor of 2.0, the new HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater offers more than twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater, the maker says. The unit has a 50-gallon capacity, and meets Energy Star and federal tax credit requirements. Measuring only 21 inches in diameter and 75.5 inches tall, the HP-50 features a slimmer profile that eases installation in tight spaces. The heat pump water heater pulls available heat from ambient air, intensifies it, and transfers the heated air to stored water, for more efficient water heating than conventional gas or electric storage water heaters. Ideal for homes with in climates with average year-round temperatures above 40 degrees F, and in rooms with at least 1,000 cubic feet of surrounding air space, the HP-50 has three modes of operation that incorporate the heat pump and an integral electric element. 800.621.5622.

Weather Shield. The maker's fiberglass-clad patio doors now offer beauty, strength, and energy efficiency in French-style sliding or hinged models. Meeting or exceeding the federal tax credit requirements of a 0.3 U-factor and o.3 solar heat gain coefficient, the doors' fiberglass-clad panels are 1¾ inches thick and filled with foamed-in polyurethane insulation for six times the energy efficiency of solid wood doors, the maker says. Tempered insulated glass can be upgraded with Zo-e-Shield 5 or 6, or EasyCare Low E2, and argon gas fill. Choose from a four-panel, bi-parting configuration, or one-, two-, or three-wide units. A range of interior and exterior finishes is available. The fiberglass is scratch- and dent- resistant, and won’t warp or become brittle in extreme climates. 800.477.6808.

Serious Windows. Designed specifically for use in Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) projects, the Serious Windows WAP Series can create up to 12 times more energy savings per household than other common weatherization measures, the maker says. The super-insulating vinul replacement windows offer a full-frame R-value of up to 4.8, exceeding Energy Star 2010 and federal tax credit requirements. Double-hung, two-panel sliding, and fixed picture windows are available in the WAP Series, which features dual-pane, single suspended film, and an argon gas fill. The Weatherization Assistance Program subsidizes energy-efficient upgrades in low-income housing to help residence reduce their energy costs and improve their homes' efficiencies. The program has earned new funding through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. 800.797.8438.

Rotobrush. Remodelers finding attic re-insulation projects on the rise thanks to tax credit incentives have a new tool available to perform the service. The RotoStorm insulation blower features double agitators for smooth fiber conditioning, and variable air pressure. For instllation flexibility, the unit can blow either fibgerlass or cellulose insulation with outputs on 1,350 pounds per hours, and 450 pounds per hour, respectively. An accessory package includes insulation bricks, blowing hoses, soffit and recessed light covers, goggles, respirators, and R-value rulers. A RotoMasters Certified Training course, and business and marketing support are available. 800.535.3878.

Republic West. The maker's new ProTec Glass Window System used in its replacement windows works to maximize energy savings and optimul light transmission simultaneously. The system includes four types of energy-efficient glass, each designed to accommodate different heat, sun, and weather conditions. The glass options are named according to their U-factor and visible light transmission, such as a 0.23 U-factor and 64% visible light for the ProTec 2364 option. Other glass options include ProTec 1257, ProTec 1150, and ProTec 1045. All testing is based on a 1-inch overall glass thickness. 480.481.9595.

Coleman. Available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities, a new 14.5 SEER heat pump is available in the Coleman LX and Comforteer SEries of mid-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps. The Energy Star-qualified, tax credit-eligible unit uses R-410A refrigerant to minimize environmental impact, and a rigid top panel and cushioned compressor mounts work together to provide sound dampening for quiet operation. The unit includes an accumulator that regulates the differing refrigeration needs of heating and cooling cycles, and a reversing valve regulates the change from cooling to heating. A compact footprint, fully exposed refrigerant connections, and a single panel covering the electrical controls make for easy installation and servicing. 877.926.5362.

Harman Home Heating. The HydroFlex60 pellet boiler connects to and works in conjunction with a home's central heat and hot water systems. When pellet prices drop below oil prices, homeowners can set the system so the HydroFlex60 takes over heating the entire home with the central furnace as a backup. For hot water, the unit pre-heats water to facilitate the heating process. The HydroFlex60 offers 60,000 Btu per hour for maximum heat efficiency. The maker's patented Pellet Pro Feeder and Burn Pot make it possible for homeowners to use lower quality, less expensive pellet fuel while maximizing heat and efficiency. 717.362.9080.

Stiebel Eltron. The Accelera 300 heat pump water heater can extract up to 80% of its energy requirements from the surrounding air, transfering accumulated heat to the hot water system's water tank. And as the unit's compressor fan uses only 1 kilowatt hour (kwh) of electricty to generate up to 5 kwh of heat, the unit can help reduce hot water costs by as much as 80%. The Accelera 300's efficiency increases with rising ambient air temperatures, and the technology that extracts heat from surrounding air, also helps cool and dehumidify the space in which it is installed. 800.582.8423.

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